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The STS blog is a forum for discussion about issues of interest and concern both to the families and guardians of the Southbury Training School in Connecticut and to persons with intellectual disabilities everywhere.

The Southbury Training School (STS) is a state-run Intermediate Care Facility that has been the longtime home to some of the state’s most severely and prfoundly intellectually disabled residents.

The STS blog is sponsored by the STS Home and School Association, a family-supported nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of families and guardians of STS residents.  We welcome your comments to our blog posts!

  1. My brother is a resident of STS. I remember my parents being involved with the Home and School Association when I was growing up. It’s great to see this blog and your web page. Is there something I can do to help you now? How do I join and help support the HSA? I live in Massachusetts so having access to information about what is going on in CT regarding STS is somewhat difficult to find and as a guardian very important to me.

    • Liz, thanks for your comment. I’ll forward your question to our Board, and someone will get back to you.

  2. Diane McEvoy permalink

    Although I appreciate and commend Mr. Kassel for his efforts on behalf of STS and those of our loved ones who live there, I do not believe that the goal of keeping STS alive will be achieved. I fear that the time left to us becomes shorter and shorter as individuals leave for placement in the community; services are already being cut and a multitude of cottages have been closed. I cannot express how upset and frightened I feel at the prospect of having to move my sister into a group home. But I believe that will be the reality and thus, am once again making the following suggestion. I think it would be invaluable if we would share our experiences visiting various group homes. Clearly, everyone will not be visiting the same homes and I know that I would find it very helpful to get a sense of others reactions to places they have visited. I have made this suggestion previously with no response or results. I a sorry that I do not share the optimism regarding keeping STS open. I prefer to deal with what I believe is the reality and would appreciate any assistance I can get in helping to identify a suitable, appropriate, caring, and supportive environment for my sister. Thank you.

  3. karen adams permalink

    Very informative

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